The mountain bike ride was scheduled for Tuesday, May 17 at 18h. A finish scrub, on a 12 km course punctuated with a few stops for a ride of 1h30 in the middle of the pines. 

37 classic mountain bikes for players and coaches, and 14 electric mountain bikes for safety and organization were mobilized for this first operation.Emotion and concern for our team to see arrive the bus of blue in front of our store with all the device of security and the media that implies. Mr. Claude Olive, mayor of Anglet, was also present to welcome the players and took advantage of our storefront to slip a word to the players.

Thursday’s jogging was a muscle regeneration session where the distances and timing had to be very precise and able to adapt to each player.

We have marked out the ideal circuit and have made available fifteen electric and classic ATVs for followers and safety.

The greatest discretion was asked for these two outings.

Thus, if on Tuesday the journalists were at the meeting, the working session on Thursday morning was a great surprise for the walkers of the forest of Pignada and especially for Anglican students who had a Korikleta from the stadium of Orok Bat as Blues.

It is with great kindness that the players have lent themselves to the game of selfies and autographs with the schoolboys who shook the pines by singing the Marseillaise !!

Go blue ones !!!!

Our Angloy store « Les Roues de Lilou » will officially open its doors to the public starting June 1st. It is located at 114 Avenue de l’Adour under Defoly real estate agency which will become the exhibition store part from the departure of the real estate agency. In the meantime, we have a large local below which is and will remain the workshop, rental and storage of our bike park, to date composed of more than 50 conventional VTC, 50 mountain bikes (a large part of which is signed by the players and the staff of the Blues … notice to the collectors), 50 VAE and 30 electric mountain bikes as well as bicycles and accessories for the children.