Second city of the Basque Country, Anglet, extends over a vast territory from the Adour to the Biarritz lighthouse to the Bassussary hills. Passing known beaches to the room of Love in which, there was once a racetrack, the forest of Chiberta and Pignada, this town is the green lung of the BAB. Over the years, this city has been able to modernize and conserve its coastline to transform it into a seaside resort.

To discover this city, we offer two Segway ® Gyropode tours:

– A first excursion of 1 hour in Segway in Anglet in which you will discover the banks of the Adour, the beach of Barre, the dike of the Cavaliers and the forest of Pignada.

– the second one is more based on the ride in the forest of Pignada so that you can test the Segway® Gyropode’s grip abilities.

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