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The Lilou Wheels and their electric bikes slide for you

For its 6th consecutive year, la journée de la glisse will be held on the beach Sokoburu Hendaye Saturday, June 3.

The aim of this day is twofold: first, to promote Hendaye as the ideal spot for all sports, then to introduce a local audience free of charge to all sports that slide like skateboarding, surfing or still the paddle!

During this day, you will also have the opportunity to unwind on the beach by participating in activities such as beach rugby, yoga or capoeira …

As much to tell you that during this day the good mood will be at the appointment!

vélos à assistance électrique hendaye

Let slip by our electric bikes for an hour …

Les Roues de Lilou Anglet, and its new store  Les Roues de Lilou, Hendaye are happy to announce their presence for this great day … Indeed our electric bikes and we will be there!

On the occasion of this event, we organize guided hikes of one hour accompanied by our great guides to discover or rediscover Hendaye …

One-hour hikes on the handlebars of our electric bikes

The 3rd of June is also the cycling festival in France, so why not hit the mark & ​​let you slide on the handlebars of our electric bikes?  To satisfy everyone we have scheduled slots in the morning (10 am or 11.30) and the afternoon (14 h, 15 h 30 and 17 h).

To book online, it’s very simple just click here and choose the schedule that suits you best! Do not hesitate to call us at😉

vélos à assistance électrique anglet

Discover Les Roues de Lilou Anglet and its new store in Hendaye & test our electric bikes

During this day, you will discover all our products & services and electric bikes will be available for testing!

European Sustainable Development Week from 30 May to 5 June

In Hendaye and throughout Europe will be held the week of sustainable development. June 3 will be for you the perfect way to contribute to this day using this great ecological means: The electric bike. Discover all the details and our program during this day on our blog & to discover their site it’s here

3 reasons to ride an electric bike that day

In short, June 3rd, you will have 3 good reasons to ride an electric bike:

1) Participate in « la journée de la glisse » & let you slip the time of an hour with us …

2) Contribute to the day of sustainable development and move in an ecological way!

3) It’s still the day of the bike in France you will not miss this opportunity to ride with us anyway?

To visit our site and for more information it’s there: http://lesrouesdelilou.com

vélo à assistance électrique

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