200 euros bonus for the purchase of an electric bike

//200 euros bonus for the purchase of an electric bike

State bonus of 200 euros for the purchase of an electric bicycle.

It’s official since Saturday, February 18, 2017, the state will refund 200 € for any purchase of electric bike.

The bonus will be available for all purchases made from 20 February 2017 until 31 January 2018. This aid is capped at 200 €, in addition the aid grants a refund of 20%, all charges included without exceeding 200 € on the « acquisition of pedal-assisted cycles that do not use a lead-acid battery and for the purchase or lease of two- or three-wheel motor vehicles and quadricycles with electric motors with a maximum net power of the engine less than 3kW and not using a lead-acid battery « . This help is therefore valid with all the electric-assisted bicycles offered by Les Roues de Lilou.

For example the purchase of a classic Pedego beach cruiser is from 1995 € with the purchase premium offered by the state …

Bonus of the same type were already granted by many cities and agglomerations, explains Le Monde, as for example the agglomeration Basque coast Adour. But this new subsidy, decreed Saturday and claimed by several associations of bike users, can not be combined with assistance granted by a community. It will therefore be necessary to study the aid available in his region because these are not cumulative, for example for all the habitants of Bayonne, Anglet, Biarritz, Boucau, and Bidart this aid can go up to 300 € for homes in family quotient of less than € 1,200 and € 150 for households with tax ratios between € 1,200 and € 2,200.

This aid will give a boost to the sale of electric bike assistance and is part of the energy transition program led by Ségolène Royal, who announced this aid before publication in the official journal.

Announcement by the Minister of Ecology Ségolère Royal of a 200 € bonus for the purchase of a MTB eléctric.

This help is addressed to everyone without limit of income, to benefit from it, it is necessary to buy a bicycle with electric assistance respecting these conditions:

  • Assistance is granted to any natural person who has a domicile in France or to any legal entity with an establishment in France and to any administration of the State that acquires a new cycle by 31 January 2018 at the latest. assisted pedaling within the meaning of Article R.311-1 of the Highway Code.
  • The new pedal-assisted cycle acquired does not use a lead-acid battery and is not sold by the purchaser within one year of its acquisition.
  • Assistance may be paid only once to a natural person, irrespective of the number of new power pedal cycles they acquire.
  • The payment of the aid is exclusive of any other aid, whatever its nature, allocated by a public authority

If the maximum power of the power-assisted bicycle engine is greater than 250 watts (as for speed-bikes, for example), as the cycle does not meet the definition of an assisted pedal cycle, the Bonus application must be made via the help request form available on the Bonus and Conversion Bonus page of the ASP (Service and Payment Agency) website for registered vehicles. If the power of its engine is less than 3 kilowatts, the vehicle will be eligible, subject to meeting all the criteria, to an aid fixed at 20% of the acquisition cost, excluding options, all taxes included, without being superior at 200 €.

As a result, all the electrically assisted bicycles offered by Les Roues de Lilou will be part of the Simplified Assistance Claims procedure at ASP.

In addition, this assistance can be combined with the kilometric compensation system for bicycles for all private sector employees. This assistance is optional and employers are free to offer it or not to their employees. But one of the advantages for employers is that the cumulative amount of compensation received will be exempt from tax and social contributions up to a limit of 200 euros per year.

This will allow employees to properly maintain their new mount.