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Discover Anglet

Anglet is the second French Basque Country town that stretches over the vast territory from Adour river, Biarritz lighthouse to Bassussary hills. Passing from the known beaches to “chambre d’Amour” where, formerly, there was a racecourse to the Chiberta and Pignada forests, this town is the green lung of Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne region. Anglet has modernised and preserved its coastline over the years that has transformed it into seaside resort.

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Discover Bayonne

Bayonne, the Adour capital, is situated where two rivers meet: the Nive river and the Adour river. It is known for its beautiful houses, riverbanks, museums, its Château-Vieux and citadel.  The Bayonne city is known for its strong cultural identity that is proved by organisation of  diverse festive events such as Chocolate Festival, Ham Fair, Bayonne celebration, corrida et sport events (Basque pelota, rugby, rowing…). During your visit, you will discover an exceptional architecture and the history of the city of Bayonne as well as its charming and well-known quarters and the atmosphere they give off.

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Discover Biarritz

Biarritz, as the town situated on the first rocky coastline after the Gironde estuary and the beaches of Landes,  it is, above all, a coastal resort that offers you a sumptuous bay as well as beautiful naturally protected coves facing the ocean. Biarritz pride itself for its cultural heritage and has become world-known thanks to its beaches and waves that attract many surfers every year and also thanks to its tourist attractions such as Biarritz lighthouse, the Virgin’s rock, the St.Eugénie church, Gare du Midi, Hôtel du Palais and Villa Belza.

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Discover St-Jean-de-Luz

St-Jean-de-Luz is well-known for the wedding of Louis XIV of France and Maria Theresa of Austria and for its fishing port created in the 15th century.  Over the years, this town has become the seaside resort offering numerous tourist attractions: fishing port, beaches, bay and several traditional events. The town pedestrian center is also a perfect place for the shopping.  St-Jean-de-Luz offers you a large range of monuments for your cultural visit such as la Maison de l’Infante and Maison de Louis XIV, St-Jean-Baptiste church, Basque Ecomuseum Jean Vier as well as the activities for your recreational visit such as Chantaco golf, surf and other water activities, basque pelote and fishing. 

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