A good gift’ idea ? An electric mountain bike tour with Les Roues de Lilou!

Sandrine for her husband’s birthday was trying to offer an original gift, and in relation to the passion of her darling, mountain biking. It is therefore with the friends of the latter that she decided to offer Nico an electric mountain bike ride in the Basque Country. That’s great because at « Les Roues de Lilou « , one of the manager and monitor is a friend of Nico with whom they have already shared a few laps.


Feel a sense of freedom with our electric mountain bike tours

So Alexis guided this group on one of our circuits in the Basque Country on our electric MTB. For this, as at every exit, Alexis took the time to check the equipment, the latest « Stereo Hybrid 140 HPA Pro » brand Cube with fork movements and damper 140mm ideal to face a circuit level 4 very enduro type, the equivalent of a black ski slope, at the request of the group.

Breathtaking landscapes on the handlebars of our electric MTB …

The rendez-vous at the foot of the Basque mountain, the warm reunion followed the briefing of Alexis, and the handling of the equipment. The hike begins with a single trail, two three small streams, one or two pebbles to avoid and especially the first climbs of the circuit. From the first kilometers, smiles are on the faces. Gregory accustomed to downhill DH is all smiles, and is ecstatic: « This is the first time I have to slow down to climb, it’s excellent! « .

VTT électrique pays basque

Electric MTV tours thanks to Les Roues de Lilou

Alexis presents the continuation of the program, « now that everyone is at the point we left for more than 35 kilometers and 1200 meters of altitude, we can be in Electric MTB we will have to manage our battery, those who have the habit of driving we put in economic mode, the least sports in tour mode, avoid the sport or turbo modes, you might regret the final at the top of the Rhune ☺ « 

Start taking height in electric MTB

The different levels of the drivers are felt, Alexis manages the difficult passages by providing the good advice for its technical passages to those who hesitate.

And it’s a good surprise for the less « daredevils » who pass without problem these difficulties, surprising themselves and grateful advice Alexis. Every technical situation, every bad placement of arms, knees, pelvis, looks and others, is immediately corrected by Alexis with demonstration and new passage …

We feel the job and the experience, Alexis reassures with his knowledge of the terrain and the electric MTB. It takes everyone to excel for the greatest pleasure of everyone. This hike is also a refresher course in electric mountain biking so that everyone can surpass themselves.

The kilometers parade, tracks and single tracks are swallowed with great pleasure on the handlebars of our electric mountain bikes, we start to take the height and the landscape grows for another more Zen pleasure, with breaks to enjoy the exceptional panorama that offers the summits of the Basque Country.

VTT électrique pays basque

The summit of La Rhune in electric mountain bike

And it is also the moment to attack the climax of the exit, the famous summit of La Rhune via the 4×4 track, a track of 4km at 20% average whose last 2 laces are at 29% of slope. Everyone understands better why Alexis insisted on the management of the battery, the group despite the assistance begins to feel the fatigue in the thighs is the last big climb so we will be able to enjoy the modes « SPORT » and « TURBO « And even with that the biggest jigs will have to push on the pedals to finally reach the top of La Rhune and enjoy the exceptional 360 ° view offered by this summit. The arrival up there is always a big contrast, because if we do not see many people during the whole hike, it is a real walkabout for our riders of the day, all these people who are mostly mounted thanks to the La Rhune « petit train« , which allows to visit this magical place to more than 400,000 people per year, making it the most popular activity in the Basque Country

VTT électrique pays basque

After the effort of the electric mountain bike place to the comfort

After all these efforts in electric MTB, everyone takes the opportunity to have a drink and some pintxos on the terrace of one of the « ventas » open at the top. Alexis takes the opportunity to explain that the combination of la Rhune’s petit train  and the ascension by Electric MTB allows families to meet and it is also as Alexis explains an excellent formula for a family to share a moment at the top, children enjoy La Rhune « petit train », and parents are thrilled with their discovery of electric mountain bikes. And the photos of everyone up there are precious memories

Shared moments at the top of La Rhune

After this moment of restoration and relaxation, return to the sport with the final descent, but not any descent, since Nico has chosen the most engaged of all. Alexis having read the level of each has adapted its layout so that everyone can have fun but always safe. After a quick first part, instead of the single-sided path of great beauty, but very technical and stony, the few easy steps for a descender in DH are a real challenge for the less inexperienced. The technique is important in electric MTB, but it is the commitment that is essential on some passages of only a few meters where Alexis does not force the pilot to engage, a fall in this place can have consequences, we go there electric mountain bike that if you feel it, otherwise we walk, the ride is not over and there are still beautiful passages to cross. And the promise of a committed downhill is there, the efforts to provide to cross the technical and stony passages tiring agencies, choppers come down tired tired and happy, the least comfortable the group also arrives at the bottom exhausted, but it would have gone a few stony steps of late, but the smile is there too, happy to have met this challenge with his friends.

VTT électrique pays basque

A challenge raised in electric mountain bike

Alexis congratulates everyone for this tour, « Even in electric MTB this tour is demanding, it’s our black track, and you can be proud of you, I take very few people on this circuit for a first outing, he is reserved for very good mountain bikers. »

VTT électrique Pays basque

Thank you Alexis for this ride in electric mountain bike!

Alexis thanks everyone, and everyone thanks Alexis amicably. The day is not over, you have to store the equipment, clean everything and check everything for the next day.

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Les Roues de Lilou organizes mountain hikes for all levels. From 2h to 4h, our guide adapts to your desires and levels by proposing the route that will allow you to surpass yourself. The electric mountain bike is for anyone who knows how to ride a bike, even without being an experienced mountain biker, our electric mountain bikes will take you to the highest peaks of the Basque Country.


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See you soon, for a unique moment in electric mountain bike in the Basque Country with Les Roues de Lilou

VTT électrique pays basque