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Electric Bike Tour & Tasting 3H

Discover a unique vineyard, located between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean and taste wine that aged using underwater winemaking process in the depth of about 15 m in the bay of St Jean de Luz/ Ciboure.

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Electric bike guided tour: Anglet – Biarritz – Bayonne (3h)

Ranked among the best activities in the French Basque Countryelectric bike guided tour is a great way to discover the region with family or friends … This guided tour is ideal for visiting the main parts of the rich culture of these 3 cities and it’ll give the desire to return to experience other visits or culinary discoveries
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Electric bike guided tour: Biarritz – St Jean de Luz (4h)

This activity allows you to discover the French side of the Basque Coast in a whole new light. We can guarantee you the breathtaking landscapes and our guides always happy to share a small piece of their region with you. Thanks to the electric bike performance, you won’t even feel the French Basque Coast steep reliefs.
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Electric bike guided tour: Biarritz – Anglet & Tapas tasting

Discover Anglet beaches and the whole history and beauty of Biarritz town during this urban and nature guided tour through 2 towns that will not stop amazing you. And you can experience tapas tasting with a beautiful view on the sea.
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Between coastline and forest, we offer a unique mix of landscapes, culture, local history and panoramas in the form of guided tours in electric bikes.

The electric bike thanks to its maneuverability and speed gives a great feeling of freedom and well being without the exhaustion related to the practice of the classic bike in the Basque Country.

You will discover the treasures of the Basque Coast in less than a day thanks to the power of the electric bike. During our bike rides that last between 2am and 3am, you will cross landscapes as surprising as varied: views of the ocean, port, forest, historic city …

You will discover all the beauty of Bayonne, Anglet, Biarritz, Bidart, Guéthary, St Jean de Luz, or Socoa … At Les Roues de Lilou, we have at heart to transmit the love we have for the Basque Country. This is why we will show you places that are unknown and inaccessible by car for example.

Our guides know the region at their fingertips and will share their favorites with you and you will be free to stop wherever you want. Training on the use of e-bikes is available before the start of each tour.

Departures are normally from one of our two stores located in Anglet and Biarritz. However, if you want to make a departure from your resort, do not hesitate to contact us.
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