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In our shops situated along the French Basque Coast or even here in our e-shop, you can find the large range of electric bicycles. Are you tempted to buy an electric bike/e-bike or an electric mountain bike/e-MTB but by any means you cannot figure out the differences between various brands and models? We created for you an E-bike Buyer’s Guide, an E-Mountain Bike Buyer’s Guide and also the table that compares the best E-mountain Bike brands of 2018.

We choose our brands with passion and the californian brand Pedego was a big revelation for us.  We naturally started working with the French brand O2Feel afterwards to complete our offer of more urban and more classic electric bicycles. When it comes to Electric mountain Bikes, we focus on two brands: Cube, the German brand with a great quality-price ratio and Karma, the E-MTB branch of O2Feel brand that is a true technological gem linking design with power.


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City Style Electric Bicycles / Urban E-bikes

Discover our intuitive, powerful and unique Urban Electric Bikes that link design with technology and fulfill all necessary requirements to move around nice and easy riding on the tarred city paths or on uneven countryside surface. Would you like to move around the city, wander around the countryside paths, ride on the undulate track or simply commute to work? Here you will find the large range of  O2Feel electric bikes that are just right for you!

Touring Electric Bikes/Touring E-bikes

New for 2018! Our touring electric bikes offer a great quality-price ratio to be used everyday on every type of surface. You will be surprised by their manoeuvrability, comfort and power in the city as well as in the countryside.

Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycles

These beach cruiser electric bicycles of the Californian brand and style are as pretty as powerful and comfortable. They are available in a wide range of colours , from the mild ones to the very colourful ones. They will colour your life, light up your day and you will ever want to do without!

Electric Mountain Bikes

Our Electric Mountain Bikes CUBE and O2Feel KARMA are powerful, classy and provided with contemporary design. They are ideal to ride down the steep hills or wander in the forest. Cube and Karma electric mountain bikes conceived to be able to take on the most challenging paths at the speed that needs a quality frame. 

Electric folding bikes

Our electric folding bikes models are conceived to make your moving around smooth and to be transported without restrictions and folded according to the situation. They are ideal for riding in the city thanks to their regular and powerful electric assistance and their big advantage is that they are light and easy to store.  

Electric Fat Bike - Electric Cargo Bike - Electric Tandem Bike

Discover our range of bicycles that are not like the others…from our Electric Cargo Bikes, the only bicycle allowing to transport up to 80 kilos on the rear rack, through our Electric Tandem Bikes especially thought-out to make the most of your ride in pair, to our Electric Fat Bikes that are ideal for a ride in the sand as well as in the snow.

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